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Our mission to make a true, meaningful difference for our children affected by autism cannot be realized without the support of our community!

"It isn't what we say or think that defines us, but what we do." - Jane Austen

Volunteer autism school


Our community volunteers are essential, valued components to our programs and respected mentors to our students. Community members of all ages are invited to volunteer as tutors, guest speakers, special interest club leaders/peer participants and as buddies for field trips and community improvement projects.


Donate nonprofit autism school

The operation and success of our extraordinary programs rely on the generosity of our donors. As a small, nonprofit specialized school, we have an ongoing need for your financial support in order to offer every student, every opportunity  they deserve.

Community school for autism

Spread the word!

United, we will provide exceptional educational and personal growth opportunities for our children on the spectrum, while creating a meaningful, inclusive environment for our community members of all abilities. Help our mission by spreading the word about our amazing school!

To Volunteer, pledge a Major Gift or In-Kind donation, or if you have Suggestions/Questions,

Please contact us! Thank you!

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