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“Often times, life has a way of presenting a path that was not part of our plan, not a dream from our youth and nothing we ever personally imagined being part of. Yet, in those times, we are faced with the best occasion to realize our potential and harness the opportunity to create meaningful change for our families and community.”

- Victoria Lawrence, M.Ed Founder, Head of School

The United School was born from the vision of two mothers, each with an unwavering devotion to serving the needs of their own children on the spectrum, and a shared frustration from the challenges of finding well-rounded, quality educational options for children with autism in their own community.  


Pairing their special education and business management backgrounds, they set out to create an exceptional special education environment, joining hands with their community to offer students an unparalleled equal-education opportunity with challenging, evidence-based curriculum, enrichment programs, support therapies and a unique community outreach program designed to build meaningful relationships and enhance student independence.


Please join our cause by volunteering or making a donation to support the specialized programs that USfA offers, creating a true network of community support that benefits all our residents.

Don’t just imagine a better world for children with autism, help us create it.

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