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 Limited Space available for the 2021/22 school year

Our enrollment process is designed to ensure that our unique school programs and community involvement will properly support your child’s needs, while providing the most suitable environment and curriculum they require to achieve the success they deserve.


The Enrollment Process


The United School enrollment process involves our entire outstanding team of educational, behavioral and support professionals. Each applicant’s school history, records, diagnostic evaluations and caregiver input are carefully reviewed and discussed as a team to ensure we can collectively support their needs and effectively challenge them with our programs.

  1. Interest Form

    • Submit the online Interest Form

  2. School Tour

    • We recommend that your child attend the tour

  3. Readiness Assessment and/or Shadow Day

    • Current reports/evaluations must be submitted prior to a shadow day

  4. Complete enrollment packet (upon USfA enrollment recommendation)

  5. Pay enrollment fee to secure your child's spot

Enrollment will be based on the following:

  • Student readiness to work with K+ level curriculum in a min. 4:1 ratio (depending on enrollment track)

  • Student has independent toileting skills

  • Availability in the classroom

  • Submission of enrollment paperwork

  • Enrollment fee is paid to secure spot

In our mission to provide students with optimal learning opportunities in a nurturing, harmonious environment, The United School welcomes students with autism and related disorders who have an ability to respond to our method of teaching (Direct Instruction) within our ratio and exhibit minimal behaviors.

Enrollment January 2018

The United School for Autism admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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